Old Irish Recipes

Old Irish Recipes

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What People Are Saying

“Thank you for sending this as I try to learn more of my ancestry in CO, Tipperary. It means a lot...!”

ThomasApril 2024

“Very informative. Had no idea that the potato failure was so far reached.”

StevenApril 2024

“Fascinating to read the history. I love history and cooking.”

MinApril 2024

“Very interesting content. Keep on writing, please!”

MaryApril 2024

“I really enjoy this newsletter and I look forward to it every week.”

JulieApril 2024

“Really brings it home just how bad An Gorta Mór was reading the letters.”

JacintaApril 2024

“I am so glad I signed up for these newsletters, I am enjoying every single one of them.”

AnonymousApril 2024

“Thank you for your newsletter. It is lovely.”

ChrisMarch 2024

“I LOVE your newsletter.”

Mij, with Roots in CorkMarch 2024

“I was so trilled to sign up for your newsletter. Seriously impressed with the avalanche of subscribers.”

Diana, FranceMarch 2024

“I’m new to the newsletter, but I’m loving it so far!”

LeiliaMarch 2024

“I love the stories, history and recipes you share! I may try my hand at making some Irish soda bread for St Patrick's Day. My mother has always made shepherd's pie, and we all love it, as well as cabbage and onions. I'll try to make that whole meal Sunday, and we'll celebrate our Irish heritage in style! Thank you for sharing Irish education and good food. Please keep up the good work!”

Valorie, USAMarch 2024

“LOVE being a part of this group! During the Great Famine my grandfather’s parents fled Eire along with so many others. Strangely enough, they went to what was then Russia (now Ukraine) - no one knows why. Then in 1916 they again fled - this time to America! Those events are known in my mother’s family as “Irish Luck”. Anyway, my mother instilled in me a love of the Irish and Irish culture so am thrilled to have found your group!”

KathyMarch 2024

“Love the newsletter. Thank you.”

LynneMarch 2024

“I wish you the best going forward. You’re doing a mighty job.”

AlanMarch 2024

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