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The Great Irish Famine

On September 13, 1845, Death and his sister Misery swept over Ireland closely following one single crop failure, a potato blight, which came to be known as the Great Famine, the Great Hunger, the Famine, the Irish Potato Famine, an Gorta Mór, meaning the Great Hunger and an Drochshaol, meaning the bad life.

This gripping miniseries tells the powerful and instinctual story of the worst man-made exodus from a single island in history, following the tragedy from the moment of the first alarming report through the disease, starvation and loss of life for over 1 million people and emigration by coffin ship for a further 2.1 million, during the ensuing days, weeks and months, lasting seven years. Receive one letter each Thursday for 12 months. That is 52 letters for only 5 euro per month or get a 10% discount for our annual offer. Over 90% of readers chose "Great" in our poll. Cancel easily anytime.


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“It's great to see written evidence that the famine that followed the failure of the potato crops was both predictable and the devastating impact it had on the Irish people may well have been moderated or lessened... the most rudimentary steps to respond to the very predictable failure. ”

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